And while I’m at it…

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love Olivia (other than the fact that I gave birth to her)...10) She was born already furrowing her brow like her mama.9) She absolutely loves being held and would be content to be in my arms all day (a blessing and … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am by nature a very naggy person.  I think it's a by product of being a Mexican woman and coming from a long line of naggers.  Poor Brandon, he gets the brunt of it, mostly because there is no one else to nag.  I am constantly … [Read more...]

Only in Austin

Image via WikipediaI have come to really love the city of Austin.  I really loved El Paso when I lived there and will always love it as my birthplace.  I came to appreciate South Bend, mostly because of the Original Pancake House.  I … [Read more...]

Advice: Makes Life Easier or Harder?

Image by (Mo) via FlickrYou cut her hair already?  That is going to give her a speech delay.If you don't do something about those dry spots, she's going to have eczema forever.  It'll never go away.You fed her carrots?  I think there … [Read more...]

It’ll be better when…

Image by bitzcelt via FlickrI feel like I always am telling myself, "It'll be better when blah blah blah."  I remember thinking in high school - life will be easier when these college apps are done.  In college - life will be better when I … [Read more...]

Working Title

Image by Nelson Piedra (nopiedra) via FlickrBrandon and I have been trying to think of a good name and tagline for this blog.  Don't be surprised if it changes often.  Currently the tagline - barefoot, babies, and breastfeeding - is a … [Read more...]

Surprised by Turnips

Image via WikipediaTurnips would probably not appear on the all-time favorite veggie list but for some reason I love them.  I'm not sure why I like them.  They're kinda bitter and aren't the prettiest girl at the party but I love to use … [Read more...]

Comedy of Errors

Today was just one of those ridiculous days where nothing comes out right.  We had a lot on our plate today: Mass, a baptism and reception to attend, and a Super Bowl party (Kraft's account of party).  In order for all of this to go to … [Read more...]

Why, hello there.

I was recently talking to a friend about our mutual love for reading memoirs.  I love to read anecdotes about people's lives and I also love to read stories that I wrote down about my own life but have since forgotten.  Since about 3rd … [Read more...]