The Voice

Image via Wikipedia From the beginning, Brandon and I have been in love, love, love with The Voice.  We've watched it from its first airing.  The following are things that I think would make it better for its second season: 1) Cee Lo.  You are a … [Read more...]

Project Runway

Image by Totally Severe via FlickrOk, allow me this fluff.  I looove Project Runway.  So much so that I even like watching the really annoying and totally pointless 30 min show afterward about the models just because I get more of the … [Read more...]

OK go

Ok, I just spent the last couple hours writing my thoughts about the Health Care Reform Bill.  After I finished writing I decided to look up what the USCCB has to say about it.  I found that the USCCB disagrees with my conclusions.  … [Read more...]


Image via Wikipedia It's funny to me how different the crowds are that flock to Austin for whatever event is in town.  And the way I get to see these different crowds is at our HEB.  I have a love/hate relationship with our HEB.  I like the super … [Read more...]

The Oscars

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeI'm not sure what was different but I thought this was one of the most memorable Academy Awards shows I have seen.  The actors and actresses just seemed really sincere and humble and gracious.  (And I … [Read more...]


Image via WikipediaI love the Olympics.  Love it.  I didn't get to watch the whole opening ceremony but I was able to watch the beginning and the parade of nations.  I'm never too excited to watch the cultural part of the ceremony but … [Read more...]

Only in Austin

Image via WikipediaI have come to really love the city of Austin.  I really loved El Paso when I lived there and will always love it as my birthplace.  I came to appreciate South Bend, mostly because of the Original Pancake House.  I … [Read more...]