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Ok, allow me this fluff.  I looove Project Runway.  So much so that I even like watching the really annoying and totally pointless 30 min show afterward about the models just because I get more of the story.

This past Thursday was the season finale.  The guy won that I thought should win but what really struck me was the reunion show that they aired after.  Basically just got all the designers and models together to stir up past drama and see if they had more to say about those issues. 

Let me give you some back story.  Usually in the last episode before the finale the judges choose the three designers that are going to show at Bryant Park.  On this season, the judges couldn’t decide and chose 2 to go to Bryant Park (Emilio and Seth Aaron) and two that had to design their 10 outfits and come to the judges again and then they would choose who was going on.  So basically is was a showdown between two designers for that last Bryant Park spot, Jay and Mila.

I was totally pulling for Jay.  Hawaiian community college dropout with really innovative clothes as opposed to morose Mila whose clothes looked pretty much the same to me.  They chose Mila.  Ok, she had a great show, I liked what she sent down the runway.

In this PR reunion show, Jay and one of the models got in an argument and he ended it by telling her that she had “bad teeth and thick legs”.  Really, on national TV?  What a jerk.  I’m sure when he watches that moment on TV he cringes.  What an awful thing to say.  So, in the end, I’m glad Mila went.

Another designer, Anthony, had some very memorable quotes:
-Honey, you think your life is hard?  Imagine being gay, black, and from the ghetto.
-You don’t have to have the crown to be a queen.
-He had apparently said something really mean about Mila to some newspaper and on the reunion show he apologized to Mila.  Tim Gunn proceeded to tell him that the comment was very unladylike of him.  He responded, “Tim, I already apologized.  There’s nothing more I can do.  I can’t give her a kidney”

I love Project Runway.

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