“My Family Loves Me”

We have had such a fantastic summer. Really, really great. One for the books. We've had some big adventures and the kids really hung in there with all the traveling and driving. They did beautifully. It was in between all these awesome trips that … [Read more...]

Top 4 Misadventures in Traveling

Most people that go to Notre Dame study abroad. Something like 85% of people. I was that homebody 15%. I always tell people that going to Notre Dame was my studying abroad. Seriously. I loved it and really came into my own and met some of the most … [Read more...]

Feeling Numb

December 9th, was the one year anniversary of the twins getting out of the NICU. Ever since having the twins I've been jotting down my thoughts here and there. They weren't always coherent but they were me trying to figure out life and everything we … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Cope With Sleep Deprivation Without Caffeine

First off, I just want to make clear my expertise on the subject. I'll just bullet point my sleep deprivation résumé: In college, homework never started before 1 am Papers never started getting written before 2 am Movie nights with roomies … [Read more...]

My Kids Make Me Brave

I'm really into Zumba. I love it. Give me a good beat and some synchronized dancing and I'm there. It's like going to a club without all the parts that suck about a club - creepy guys, being out late, having to dress up. This is mostly what I look … [Read more...]

Twins’ Birth Story: Part III

Our twins just turned one year old. I guess it’s about time that I write down and process their birth and surrounding events. This is the next part in the series. Here is the link if you want to start at Part I or Part II. This part is a little more … [Read more...]

Figuring Out What I Don’t Like

This seems like a duh thing but I have to be very purposeful when figuring out my actual opinion of things. There are so many things influencing what I think and what I do that sometimes I think I love something because that’s what all people like me … [Read more...]

Forming Habits

Several months ago I wrote about a personal characteristic that makes my life hard. I have no idea how to develop a good habit. I have never in my whole life learned how to acquire a good and healthy habit. As a child I never made my bed, I never … [Read more...]

Welcome to Living La Lupe

Back in college I was staring at a blank screen real hard willing it to start writing my final paper for my Liturgy and Feasts class. Of course the paper was due in a few hours and I had yet to start it. Ok, think, Vanessa, what feast can you write … [Read more...]