“My Family Loves Me”

We have had such a fantastic summer. Really, really great. One for the books. We've had some big adventures and the kids really hung in there with all the traveling and driving. They did beautifully. It was in between all these awesome trips that … [Read more...]

Issues With Our Mothers

At some point or another, we have issues with our mom. Maybe it is universal -- men and women -- but I know that for daughters, most of us have a period where we think our mom and maybe our grandmother, too,  is wrong about everything and all we want … [Read more...]

Cry It Out

Image by Sam Pullara via FlickrWe have no other recourse.  As much as I talked about how much I hate baby sleep books in the last post, we bought one more.  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby by Marc Weissbluth.  I know whenever I get a … [Read more...]

Weaned, ER visit, Down with Sleep Books

Image via WikipediaIt has been crazy around this house.  Lots to tell.  I had posted about the first couple days of sleep training.  It got great really fast.  Amen.  Alleluia.  Until Day 8 or 9.  The Squeaker … [Read more...]

Kim West is a Moneychanger

Cover via AmazonSo we are on Day 8 of sleep training.  At the end of it I'll give a summative evaluation of our progress which should be like day 14 or so.  But for now I am pretty pissed at Kim West or the "Sleep Lady" as she likes to call … [Read more...]

Sleep Training: Day 1 and 2

Image via WikipediaI've been leading up to this for awhile.  We started sleep training the Squeaker on Monday night.  We decided to do everything in one fell swoop -  training her at night to sleep in her crib and also her naps in the … [Read more...]

Can’t Do It Anymore

Image by peasap via FlickrThat's it.  It's been almost 9 months of the Squeaker's horrible sleeping and I can't do it anymore.  I've been fighting sleep training this whole time thinking that her sleep will get better.  It's not and I … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Reflection

Image via WikipediaYesterday was my first Mother's Day (with a baby not on the inside of me) and it was great.  Olivia was so thoughtful and got me exactly what I wanted (kitchen gadgets) and Kraft has promised a 6-pack of my favorite beer next … [Read more...]

Overnight Diapers and Kale

Image by lib_rachel via FlickrI always knew that once I became a mom that I would learn plenty of lessons the hard way.  These are 2 that I learned last week.1) Overnight diapers do, in fact, work.  For more nights than I wish to admit, the … [Read more...]