Cookbook Review: The Food You Crave

The Food You Crave from Ellie Krieger is a cookbook I've had for years. It was on sale at Half-Priced Books so I snagged it. I had no idea that it would become such a staple in our life. I cook at least two recipes out of it every week. This is … [Read more...]

A Pilgrim in the Land of Quinoa

The other day I was sitting at dinner and had the truest realization I have had about my parents in a long time. We (as in me and the two of them) are immigrants in this world that we live in. We inhabit the world of the mostly white upper middle … [Read more...]

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

But first, a quick aside - isn't this new site so pretty?  B is amazing and worked super hard to get the way I wanted it.  And I'm really picky.  Um, hun, could you just left justify that word but leave the rest centered? Um, could you make that the … [Read more...]

Food Revolution

  Image by NatalieMaynor via Flickr I am totally, completely, absolutely in love with the idea of getting all of our food locally.  From local farms.  Local chickens.  Local pigs.  Local cows. Local McDonalds.  You get it.  It is one of the … [Read more...]

Overnight Diapers and Kale

Image by lib_rachel via FlickrI always knew that once I became a mom that I would learn plenty of lessons the hard way.  These are 2 that I learned last week.1) Overnight diapers do, in fact, work.  For more nights than I wish to admit, the … [Read more...]

New Recipes

Image via WikipediaThese are a couple of recipes that I have tried recently.  They're super, super fast and easy.  I am really slow in the kitchen.  Rachael Ray's 30 min meals usually take me 2 hours or more.  So when I say these … [Read more...]

Kale and Panade

Image via WikipediaI have decided that kale is one of my new favorite veggies and definitely my favorite green.  Kale is hearty and strong.  It stays good for a long time and it doesn't wilt easily.  I like it, I like it a lot.Related, … [Read more...]

I Made Bread!

Image by sierravalleygirl via FlickrSome friends of ours have recently started baking bread and have been kind enough to give us their extra loaves when they got 'em.  This bread is absolutely deeeelicious and inspired me to want to make … [Read more...]


Image by La Grande Farmers' Market via FlickrIt's been a while since I've spotlighted a weird veggie.  We got one in our CSA box last week and finally cooked it up yesterday.  It was tasty but I'm still not sure what kohlrabi tastes like … [Read more...]