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These are a couple of recipes that I have tried recently.  They’re super, super fast and easy.  I am really slow in the kitchen.  Rachael Ray‘s 30 min meals usually take me 2 hours or more.  So when I say these recipes are fast, they really are fast.

Baked Eggs with Tomato – I made this for dinner last night.  Both me and Kraft are big fans of brinner.  I used one of those little 1/2 casserole size dishes, used 5 eggs, fresh mozzarella and basil that we had lying around on top of enough tomato slices to layer the bottom of the dish.  Granted I overcooked it and the egg yolks were totally cooked but even with this mistake it was pretty tasty with toast.  I would have thrown some bacon in for sure if I had it around at the time.

Right now I am o-b-s-s-e-s-e-d with BLTs.  Our CSA has been sending us tons of lettuce.  I am pretty good about liking most veggies but I really do not like lettuce and I am really bad at making salads.  So week after week more lettuce (not like regular lettuce like romaine or iceberg but peppery and bitter lettuce) gets sent and it piles up in our crisper drawer.  That is until I finally thought of this.  Easiest thing in the world and that bitter lettuce tastes amazing with bacon and mayo and juicy tomatoes. 

Lastly, for dinner tonight we had Sardine and Avocado Sandwiches.  I know, the idea of sardines totally grossed me out, too.  But we saw this recipe on Good Eats (one of the few cooking shows Kraft will put up with and watch with me) and we love Alton Brown so we decided to trust him.  I ran across some sardines in HEB last week and decided to give this a try.  Super quick.  Super yummy.  And super filling.  And it didn’t even taste that fishy.  Tuna has a fishier taste than sardines.

Bon Appetit.

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