Top 4 Misadventures in Traveling

Most people that go to Notre Dame study abroad. Something like 85% of people. I was that homebody 15%. I always tell people that going to Notre Dame was my studying abroad. Seriously. I loved it and really came into my own and met some of the most … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Cope With Sleep Deprivation Without Caffeine

First off, I just want to make clear my expertise on the subject. I'll just bullet point my sleep deprivation résumé: In college, homework never started before 1 am Papers never started getting written before 2 am Movie nights with roomies … [Read more...]

Figuring Out What I Don’t Like

This seems like a duh thing but I have to be very purposeful when figuring out my actual opinion of things. There are so many things influencing what I think and what I do that sometimes I think I love something because that’s what all people like me … [Read more...]

Forming Habits

Several months ago I wrote about a personal characteristic that makes my life hard. I have no idea how to develop a good habit. I have never in my whole life learned how to acquire a good and healthy habit. As a child I never made my bed, I never … [Read more...]