About Me

Mama to five girls who match my stubbornness with equal zeal, wife to an endearingly nerdy techie who is very patient with my antics, Catholic deep into my bones, and not-able-to-help-myself advice giver though I’m usually the one in desperate need of advice. I am the intersection of procrastinator, control freak and impulsive Mexican mother, which means unashamed perfectionist that cannot help but make three times the amount oPhoto on 1-5-14 at 12.19 PM #2f food that will actually be eaten. The results leave me sitting on my kitchen floor at 3:30am waiting for the second batch of chile-lime peanuts to finish baking while deliriously munching on the twenty cups of puppy chow I just made because I decided to make Christmas goodies for my extended family (of more than 60) we are driving ten hours to see in the next few hours. This is the life I chose and the life I love. Come along for the slow but usually funny ride to becoming more like the two Lupes in my life – La Lupe (my grandma) and Lupita (Mary, you know, the Mother of God).

How did I get started with this? Read my Intro to Living La Lupe here.

I’m so glad you clicked on over to my little corner of the world. I’d love to hear from you so be sure to drop me a line.


If you receive the Houston Catholic Worker or Verily, well, you’re a person after my own heart, but I’ve written for them, too 🙂 Oh, and I had a small part in this.

Any posts written before 2014 were posted under my previous blog title — V’s Voice.