Feeling Numb

December 9th, was the one year anniversary of the twins getting out of the NICU. Ever since having the twins I've been jotting down my thoughts here and there. They weren't always coherent but they were me trying to figure out life and everything we … [Read more...]

My Kids Make Me Brave

I'm really into Zumba. I love it. Give me a good beat and some synchronized dancing and I'm there. It's like going to a club without all the parts that suck about a club - creepy guys, being out late, having to dress up. This is mostly what I look … [Read more...]

Twins’ Birth Story: Part III

Our twins just turned one year old. I guess it’s about time that I write down and process their birth and surrounding events. This is the next part in the series. Here is the link if you want to start at Part I or Part II. This part is a little more … [Read more...]

The Twins’ Birth Story: Part I

Our twins just turned one year old. I guess it's about time that I write down and process their birth and surrounding events. I feel like I have to start this story way back from the beginning. When we did the home pregnancy test and found out … [Read more...]

Issues With Our Mothers

At some point or another, we have issues with our mom. Maybe it is universal -- men and women -- but I know that for daughters, most of us have a period where we think our mom and maybe our grandmother, too,  is wrong about everything and all we want … [Read more...]

Our Story: How We Met

In Oct 2013 we celebrated our five year anniversary. As we were driving back from Dallas this past Saturday from a work training, we spent most of the car ride trying to remember some of the details of our dating life. They are so fuzzy. We couldn't … [Read more...]

Ah luh u

Today was the first day that Olivia told me "I love you".  Unprompted.  She has said I love you before but in response to us telling her to say it. But today, we were both sitting around on a bunch of pillows half watching Martha Speaks and half … [Read more...]

Why I Love My Husband

  Image via Wikipedia In a marriage it is so easy to get frustrated with your spouse and just go crazy nit-picking at every little thing that he does wrong.  I do it all the time.  Really I do.  Just ask him.  I'm such a hard-ass sometimes.  … [Read more...]

Stubborn as a Mule

Image via WikipediaLast night was not great, to say the least.  The Squeaker screamed off and on for 1 hour 43 minutes.  She just would not sit down or lie down until she was so extremely exhausted that she slumped down.  Here legs … [Read more...]