Issues With Our Mothers

At some point or another, we have issues with our mom. Maybe it is universal -- men and women -- but I know that for daughters, most of us have a period where we think our mom and maybe our grandmother, too,  is wrong about everything and all we want … [Read more...]

Disturb Us, Lord

Image via WikipediaWe have some good friends that have recently decided to pursue an job opportunity far from Austin.  It is a great, great opportunity for them but we are so sad to see them go.  They will be missed dearly.  When they … [Read more...]


Image by cobalt123 via FlickrThe Easter season is 50 days long so I don't feel too bad writing this post so late.  I did not do a good job this Lent.  The only Lenten resolution that I actually sorta stuck to was giving up sweets Mondays … [Read more...]

USCCB response

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeI am so happy that the USCCB issued this statement about Obama's executive order.  I think they said exactly what needed to be said.  Here are the cliff notes that I felt laid my concerns in my previous post … [Read more...]


Image by erlin1 via FlickrThe Health Care Reform Bill.  I will be the first one to admit that I don't know much about politics.  The following things are more interesting to me than politics: the cell division and multiplication of fungi in … [Read more...]


Image by bec.w via FlickrI've been trying to figure out the idea of complementarity for a while now.  I first really started to try and figure this out when I was studying JPII's Theology of the Body in college.  Understanding this idea of … [Read more...]

Habemus Episcopum!

Welcome Bishop Joe Vasquez! Our new Bishop of the Diocese of Austin was installed today! I am filled with pride that he is Mexican-American.  The Hispanic population of Austin is really growing fast and there are great expectations that he will … [Read more...]

The Transfiguration of New York

Image via WikipediaAnother way I like to think about Jesus' Transfiguration is seeing people transformed in front of me.  I believe that the true identity of a person is what they would be like if they were perfect.  Not perfect as in … [Read more...]

The Transfiguration

Image by Lawrence OP via FlickrToday's Gospel reading (being the second Sunday of Lent) was the Transfiguration.  I have always loved this reading, even before I really had any idea what it meant theologically.  Since I was younger I just … [Read more...]