Overnight Diapers and Kale delivered overnites overnight

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I always knew that once I became a mom that I would learn plenty of lessons the hard way.  These are 2 that I learned last week.

1) Overnight diapers do, in fact, work. 

For more nights than I wish to admit, the Squeaker has been peeing so much at night that it has saturated the diaper and I wake up to find her lying on a big wet spot.  So we bought overnight diapers.  I didn’t really believe that they worked and just thought it was a trick to charge more for diapers.  So after using it for about 1 week with no peeing on the bed I was getting O ready for bed and forgot to put her in an overnight diaper.  I realized it as I was buttoning up her jammies.  Eh, I got lazy.  I didn’t want to take off her clothes and throw away a perfectly good diaper.  Bad choice.  At 5am O woke up crying, I rolled her toward me to feed her back to sleep and felt her whole back soaked.  Crap.  I rolled her over and found a wet spot that went from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.  Lesson learned.  Overnight diaper work and must be worn…overnight.

2) Kale does not puree.

I was so excited to buy some nice looking kale at the farmers market and mush it up for O’s dinner the next night.  Boy was I wrong.  I steamed it for about 40 minutes then threw it in the blender.  It’s too hearty.  I couldn’t get it mushy enough even after I added a ton of water.  Gross.  So I had partly pureed purple kale that I could not feed O.  I had to do something with it so I put it in a soup I made soon after.  It turned the color of the soup into a purpley, brown goo looking mess and because it wasn’t fully pureed there were little bits of kale floating in it.  It looked like dirty soup.

Lesson learned.

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