Image by mitikusa via FlickrSince making the decision to stay home with the Squeaker I have had this really nagging worry.  I worry that I am not actually teaching her anything and that she would be better off at daycare or with a nanny because … [Read more...]

Never Feed a Sleeping Baby

Image via WikipediaThis is another golden tip from some book that I read about baby sleep.  Seems pretty common sense but you come to find that to a sleep deprived parent, few things are common sense.  The Squeaker has been such a bad … [Read more...]

Small Triumphs

Cover via Amazon I don't know why I thought parenthood would be much different from my past jobs in terms of progress.  I know I've had a short run as far as the job world is concerned but all my jobs have been working with people that don't … [Read more...]

Advice: Makes Life Easier or Harder?

Image by (Mo) via FlickrYou cut her hair already?  That is going to give her a speech delay.If you don't do something about those dry spots, she's going to have eczema forever.  It'll never go away.You fed her carrots?  I think there … [Read more...]