OK go

Ok, I just spent the last couple hours writing my thoughts about the Health Care Reform Bill.  After I finished writing I decided to look up what the USCCB has to say about it.  I found that the USCCB disagrees with my conclusions.  Because of this I’ve decided to unpublish my post and reflect on it a little more.

In the mean time, here are some a-ma-zing music videos we’ve been watching over and over again by the band, OK go.  I usually don’t like watching things on YouTube but these are completely worth the time.  They are really works of art.

#1 The first one: Here It Goes Again (The Treadmill Video)

#2 That video inspired the Notre Dame marching band to do this routine at the USC game in 2008:

#3 The ND routine inspired the OK go band to use the ND band in one of their next music videos: This Too Shall Pass

#4 OK go then made another video for the same song that is totally mind blowing; if you only watch one of these videos, watch this one:


  1. Don’t think you need to believe exactly like the UCCSB believes about everything. God actively speaks to all of us when he develops our conscience.
    That being said, I agree with the basic tenet of the Church – Health Care is a basic human right, not a priviledge.

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