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From the beginning, Brandon and I have been in love, love, love with The Voice.  We’ve watched it from its first airing.  The following are things that I think would make it better for its second season:

1) Cee Lo.  You are a brilliant, brilliant entertainer and I enjoy your part of the shows more than anyone else’s.  I even like that you wear sunglasses all the time.  Even in a dark room.  Keep these on.  But please, please wear pants that fit your crotch.  I know that sounds weird but the fact that the crotch of your pants is about a foot lower than your actual crotch just makes you look like a little person.  Very disproportionate.  Oh and the outfit you wore tonight – matronly.  I never thought I would call a man’s outfit matronly, but it was.  The red and black with the flower rhinestones.  It was not good.  It looked like an outfit for a mother of the bride.  Love you and your performing style and pizazz, do not like your regular clothes.

2) I’m sorry that I am advocating for someone to lose their job, but Allison Haislip.  I’m sorry, she has to go.  Not just her but her position.  I do not need a V correspondent.  I do not need someone to ask the performers questions from Twitter.  I do not need someone to read facebook comments to me on tv.  If I wanted to hear this, I would get online and read it.  I hated this part of the show.  So stupid and a total waste of time.

3) The episodes do not need to be 2 hours long.  This is another waste of time.  Make it fit an hour.  It doesn’t make me watch for 2 hours.  It makes me turn it off when I realize that I will have to watch a whole additional hour and makes me not want to continue watching it next time.

4) While I always thought Carson Daly was a tool, this actually made me like him a lot.  He really is a good host.  He had no problem handling all the live shows.  He is a really good facilitator with funny side comments.  He is very good at his job.

5) Christina, you are great, but you looked the best in this last show.  I don’t like the Madonna look you’re going for.  It doesn’t seem to suit you.

6) One of the performers tonight came out with a rosary around his neck.  If you’re going to wear a rosary, could you please at least not put your hand on your dancer’s ass?  I don’t think that is too much to ask.

7) Love, love, love Blake Shelton.  Wish I could drink a beer with him.

8) I think Javier Colon should win.  With Dia as a close second.  As Brandon put it, I would buy Dia’s CD but I would go to Javier’s concert and buy his CD.

Not that anyone at NBC is going to read this.  But that’s my two cents.  I can now stop yelling these things at the TV.

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