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It’s funny to me how different the crowds are that flock to Austin for whatever event is in town.  And the way I get to see these different crowds is at our HEB.  I have a love/hate relationship with our HEB.  I like the super diverse crowd that shops at it.  It’s not all yuppies, college students, and professionals. Much of the clientele is Hispanic families and homeless people.  I do wish, though, that the milk refrigerators didn’t always smell rancid and I swear we get the leftover/blemished and bruised produce from other HEBs.  Anywho, this is what I have observed:

ACL – Lots of scantily clad people flood our HEB.  Guys in baggy cargo shorts and flip flops.  Girls in bikinis with see-through/meshy shirts to cover themselves while inside.  Immodesty abounds but they get their comeuppance when the next week everyone is a bright pink color and peeling.


The Biker Convention – There is lots of black leather, bandanas, and women with hair that is way too long for their age tied in braids.  I also see very interesting uses for leather in women’s tops.  Leather fringe, leather with studs, leather halter tops, leather tube tops.  Strangely enough the women usually look fake-baked tan and wear this almost glowing neon pink shade of nail polish.


SXSW – This week I have seen the people that SXSW brings.  Girls and guys is skin-tight skinny jeans with converse shoes, fedora hats, pale people mostly.  Guys with hair that looks deceptively unkempt but actually took them 30 mintues to fix in the morning.  It seemed their purchased item of choice was lots of beer and I observed a quite a few boxes of Franzia on the conveyor belts.  (Funny quote by someone recently: Life is too short to drink Franzia.)


I love that Austin attracts all these different people.  What I don’t love is the driving.  Austin visitors suck at driving.  They drive super slow because their trying to take a picture of the Capitol from their car while simultaneously swerving across lanes of traffic because they see an open parking spot.


Ausitn visitors – we’re glad you’re here.  We don’t even mind that you’re weird and wear inappropriate clothes, but if you make me miss another green light because you’re pointing out Hey Cupcake! I’m going to throw a cupcake at you and mess up your fauxhawk.

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