Beets Me

Image via WikipediaI'm sure I'll talk about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs a lot so might as well bring it up now :)Around October we decided to join a CSA with some friends and split a share.  How this works is you pay up front … [Read more...]

The End of an Era

Image by lscan via FlickrToday was Kraft's last day of work at the UCC.  Kraft has spent just about every day inside those UCC doors since August 2002.  Holy cow.  That is just about 8 years.  On that fateful day that Kraft went … [Read more...]

So many things to be thankful for

Sometimes I'm really dumb and complain about things mostly because I forget that I need to keep things in perspective.  These are just a couple of the things that have struck me recently that I need to keep in perspective...I am thankful for … [Read more...]

Lent and Joe Biden

Today I was reminded that Lent is a time not just to make a sacrifice for God but to make a meaningful sacrifice.  We should be transformed in the next 40 days into a more perfect person.  Into a person who is more like Christ.  Giving up chocolate … [Read more...]

Ash Wednesday

Image via WikipediaThe Squeaker received her very first ashes today.  She was so happy afterward smiling at everyone and laughing.  It was strange that I felt more emotion upon seeing her today than I did at her baptism.  I think it's … [Read more...]

A “Natural” Lifestyle

I am reminded so often how anti-children our society is.  It makes me really sad.  I could really write at length about this but I am going to focus this entry on what happened at yoga the other day.  I have really come to appreciate … [Read more...]

I had forgotten

Last Saturday during the homily Fr. Mike told us that St. Ignatius is getting serious about proactively encouraging vocations to the religious life.  Because of this, the vocations committee decided it would be a good idea to play the "Fishers of … [Read more...]


Image via WikipediaI love the Olympics.  Love it.  I didn't get to watch the whole opening ceremony but I was able to watch the beginning and the parade of nations.  I'm never too excited to watch the cultural part of the ceremony but … [Read more...]

Austin Half Marathon

Today was the Austin Half and Full Marathon.  Hung and Kraft ran the half marathon today.  Hung had been training and did a great job, especially since this was his first official running competition.  My husband, on the other hand, … [Read more...]