10 Things

Ok, ok, I know I said that we were going to start sleep training on Sunday but we went to a friend’s benefit fundraiser so instead we started today.  I’ll blog about our experience tomorrow but for today it is a bittersweet feeling.  The Squeaker has slept in bed with us for almost 9 months.  While it wasn’t always comfortable there are things that I’m going to miss.  So…

10 Things I’m Going to Miss About Bedsharing:

1) When she would wake up and curl up closer to me and then go back to sleep.
2) Getting to see her smile in her sleep.
3) Waking up to her being wide awake and hitting me in the face to wake me up.
4) Watching her roll over to her dad and snuggle up with him to fall asleep.
5) Her thrashing around wildly trying to stay asleep and ending up upside down with her feet at my head.
6) Not having to get out of bed when she wakes up at night.
7) The bed having that great baby smell.
8) Being able to hear her breathe and not having to worry that she stopped breathing.
9) Feeling very secure about her safety because she was right there.
10) Being able to snuggle with our baby during the rare moment that she isn’t squirming all over the place and getting into everything.

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