Grumpy Mumkins

Image by Ben Scicluna via FlickrThis is one of a gazillion nicknames I have for the Squeaker.  Since I'm with her just about every second of every day I come up with a new name for her pretty often.  The list of them is for a later … [Read more...]

The Exersaucer

Image by clarkwoods via FlickrBrilliant is what the Exersaucer is.  This is the first toy that we have found that the Squeaker will stay occupied in for more than 5 minutes.  It's awesome.  This is a conversation that Kraft and O just … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding and the City

Image via WikipediaI think most people would characterize me as a modest person but motherhood changes all sorts of things.  No, that doesn't mean I walk around in a micro-mini and a bra but my modesty, as far as breastfeeding goes, went out the … [Read more...]

Changing Business as Usual

Image by Jana Mills via FlickrNo, not Farouk Shami.  Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream has pledged to go totally Fair Trade by 2013!  How awesome is that.  What trailblazers.  I really hope other businesses start catching on to … [Read more...]

Beacon of Light

Image via Wikipedia When I taught last year there was one student who I will forever remember because of a statement he made.  I believe he said it during a discussion about the election between McCain and Obama.  He stood up and proclaimed the … [Read more...]

Totally Worth It Pancakes

Image by mhaithaca via FlickrWhen we were planning our trip to NY Kraft asked me what I wanted to do in the city.  The only thing I for sure wanted to do was eat pancakes at the Clinton Street Baking Co.  We learned about this restaurant on … [Read more...]

Yankee Hospitality

Image by hankoss via FlickrI had been to NYC once before this last week but this trip was different.  I had a baby.  This made all the difference in the world.  Getting around NY with a baby gives you a very unique peek into Yankee … [Read more...]

The Transfiguration of New York

Image via WikipediaAnother way I like to think about Jesus' Transfiguration is seeing people transformed in front of me.  I believe that the true identity of a person is what they would be like if they were perfect.  Not perfect as in … [Read more...]

The Transfiguration

Image by Lawrence OP via FlickrToday's Gospel reading (being the second Sunday of Lent) was the Transfiguration.  I have always loved this reading, even before I really had any idea what it meant theologically.  Since I was younger I just … [Read more...]