Stubborn as a Mule

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Last night was not great, to say the least.  The Squeaker screamed off and on for 1 hour 43 minutes.  She just would not sit down or lie down until she was so extremely exhausted that she slumped down.  Here legs were out in front of her in a wide V and she was slumped forward as if she was stretching to touch her toes.  And this is how we found her dead asleep.  We didn’t want to move her because we know she needs to learn how to do this on her own.  So we made some noise so that she would wake up and hopefully just reposition her body and go right back to sleep.  Nope.  She woke up screaming and stood up in her crib again until she slumped down again.  Not laying down, sitting down hunched into a ball. 

What a stubborn ass.  I am certain she knows how to sit in her crib.  She goes from standing to sitting all the time.  She is just so freakin’ stubborn.  I know where she gets it from but, man, this makes life so hard right now.  She’s not learning how to soothe herself.  She is crying to the point of exhaustion and passing out.  This does not teach her to sleep.  In fact this is why all the other methods didn’t work because they caused the same problem. 

O, just go to sleep.  Just lay down and go to sleep.  Is it really that hard?

On the up side, she was so happy today.  Made me feel like we’re not scarring her for life.

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