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Sin Nombre (2009 film)

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Our good friend, E, lent us this movie (Sin Nombre) a long time ago.  We finally got around to watching today.  It is a story about life in Latin America and the journey north to the US.  This movie was heart-wrenching and haunting.

So many people think that undocumented immigrants are here in the US to mooch off its prosperity.  Besides the poverty, lack of jobs, lack of education, lack of resources, mostly corrupt government and police forces, Latin Americans also have to deal with the huge issue of drug cartels and gangs that have totally overrun the land.  I’ve heard of many stories where families or young men on their own have come to America illegally because their young sons or themselves were being targeted by these gangs to join.  Once they want you, you have no choice.  There is no way out except death or run.  And even joining means certain death.  Death of yourself to the gang.

I had not thought of these problems in a while.  I forget how much violence and evil exist in the world and I forget how totally helpless I feel when I think about it.  It scares me that people can be so evil.  So soul-less.  So hardened.  I almost feel total despair.  What can fix it?  What love can these gang members be shown that is enough to replace all the hate?

Here in Austin with a baby, what can I possibly do to help this problem?  I think of St. Therese of Lisieux.  Who believed that if she could just show love through every action then there would be that much more love in the world.  I believe that love and prayer are strong weapons.

So what am I going to do to fight this despair and to fight this hate?  Pray and love.  Because only Love can truly change anything.

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