Late Night Poo

Image via WikipediaOk, so this is going into the "not a good mom move" folder and a copy is going in the "sometimes we freakin' rock folder."After a minor setback called top tooth coming in we are finally back on track with the sleep training.  … [Read more...]

Kim West is a Moneychanger

Cover via AmazonSo we are on Day 8 of sleep training.  At the end of it I'll give a summative evaluation of our progress which should be like day 14 or so.  But for now I am pretty pissed at Kim West or the "Sleep Lady" as she likes to call … [Read more...]

Sleep Training: Day 1 and 2

Image via WikipediaI've been leading up to this for awhile.  We started sleep training the Squeaker on Monday night.  We decided to do everything in one fell swoop -  training her at night to sleep in her crib and also her naps in the … [Read more...]

10 Things

Ok, ok, I know I said that we were going to start sleep training on Sunday but we went to a friend's benefit fundraiser so instead we started today.  I'll blog about our experience tomorrow but for today it is a bittersweet feeling.  The … [Read more...]

Can’t Do It Anymore

Image by peasap via FlickrThat's it.  It's been almost 9 months of the Squeaker's horrible sleeping and I can't do it anymore.  I've been fighting sleep training this whole time thinking that her sleep will get better.  It's not and I … [Read more...]

Barrio vs. Suburb

Image via WikipediaRight off the bat I know that this is a great problem to have.  Being in a position to be looking for a house is such a blessing and one that many don't have at the moment so I promise I'm not complaining.  I just have no … [Read more...]

A Mother’s Reflection

Image via WikipediaYesterday was my first Mother's Day (with a baby not on the inside of me) and it was great.  Olivia was so thoughtful and got me exactly what I wanted (kitchen gadgets) and Kraft has promised a 6-pack of my favorite beer next … [Read more...]

Overnight Diapers and Kale

Image by lib_rachel via FlickrI always knew that once I became a mom that I would learn plenty of lessons the hard way.  These are 2 that I learned last week.1) Overnight diapers do, in fact, work.  For more nights than I wish to admit, the … [Read more...]


Image by mitikusa via FlickrSince making the decision to stay home with the Squeaker I have had this really nagging worry.  I worry that I am not actually teaching her anything and that she would be better off at daycare or with a nanny because … [Read more...]