Why I Love My Husband


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In a marriage it is so easy to get frustrated with your spouse and just go crazy nit-picking at every little thing that he does wrong.  I do it all the time.  Really I do.  Just ask him.  I’m such a hard-ass sometimes.  But my husband is wonderful.  And this is why.

Because he still faithfully checks this blog most days hoping that I have started writing on it again even though he knows I probably haven’t.  It has been almost a year exactly since I last wrote.  So he has been checking for a year now.  He pushes me so much to write because he knows I love it.  Even when I don’t feel like writing he is always so encouraging.  He loves that I love something that he can help me with.  I don’t know anything about techie stuff.  All I do is write and he figures out the rest, the website, the graphics, etc.

Another reason I love him, he lets me do the most ridiculous things and doesn’t bat an eye at it.  I just purchased 20lbs of tomatoes from the farm that we get veggies from.  20!  That is ridiculous.  Most husbands would have said, “Uh, honey, are you sure?  When are you going to find the time use up all those tomatoes?  We are helping lead a camp next week, we’re still working on our talks and stuff for the camp, not to mention we have 2 little ones.  What the hell are you thinking?”  He didn’t say any of that.  Just said, “Yeah, sounds good.  Maybe you could make homemade ketchup like Jamie Oliver.”

He’s wonderful and I love him dearly…most days 🙂

Anywho, I’m back.  I hope to make writing on here much more common.  It’s nice to have this space.

Now I am going to continue researching tomato recipes.  20lbs isn’t going to cook itself.

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