Day 26 {Whole30}

When you do a Whole30 the rest of your life kinda gets put on hold. At least as much as it can be put on hold. We have all these projects around the house that really need doing, but we decided that our health needed to be given priority at the … [Read more...]

Day 25 {Whole30}

If I were to say that on Day 25 I realize the necessity of prepping food for the week, your response would be, "Duh." I know it's so obvious but it is so hard to make yourself do it. You need a solid 2-3 hours to get a good head start on the … [Read more...]

Day 24 {Whole30}

My biggest fear of starting Whole30 was diet = hunger. There have definitely been some days that I've felt hungry. 20 minutes after lunch today, visions of ham and cheese sandwiches or bowls of cereal danced around me before I shook them out of my … [Read more...]

Day 23 {Whole30}

I used to work with a really wonderful woman who, for lunch everyday, would heat up a frozen Amy's burrito. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Amy's Indian Mattar Paneer, but she would seriously eat one burrito. Every. Day. I made some joke about it … [Read more...]

Day 22 {Whole30}

The weekends are the hardest part of doing a Whole30. Our schedule is usually different, we're hanging out with friends, I'm spent at the end of the week and just don't feel like cooking much. It's not hard to eat Whole30 compliant food, what's hard … [Read more...]

Day 21 and Week 3 Recap {Whole30}

If you're a guy and talking about lady business makes you uncomfortable, just skim on down to the food part. After my cycles started again after the twins, I could tell right away that I had a few really strong symptoms associated with PMS. Like … [Read more...]

Day 20 {Whole30}

I remember reading a random article about Jennifer Aniston's diet some months ago. The point was that she works super hard for her figure and has to be crazy disciplined. Like if she wants to splurge, she adds slivered almonds or almond butter to her … [Read more...]

Day 19 {Whole30}

I have kept the promise I made on Day 11. I have not looked at the scale. But I definitely know that I've lost weight. You know how? (If you're a guy reading this, sorry. Skip to the food part.) Today I was shopping for a bra to go with the … [Read more...]

Day 18 {Whole30}

As I look back over the last 18 days of food we've eaten, it's so pretty. And I seriously just run over to some non-cluttered flat surface - which is hard to find around here - and snap a picture so I can rush back to the table and eat. Obviously I'm … [Read more...]