Day 27 {Whole30}

While I was driving home from the gym, I passed a Torchy’s Tacos. I stared longingly, wanting some chips and queso so bad. And then I tried to remember the last time we ate out. It was within the first week or so of our Whole 30. I’m not sure if we’ve ever gone this long without eating out (minus Lent).  I don’t even really miss it since we can’t eat anything I want anyway.

I only really like to eat out if it’s something I can’t make. We could eat at Torchy’s but I don’t want to eat their fajita chicken on a bed of iceberg lettuce. I want chips and queso. Or at Phil’s, I want the whole burger with mushrooms and swiss cheese and the bun. Oh, the magical bun. And I def want to eat their fries. I could just make a hamburger patty at home, I don’t need to go there and torture myself for that. Even brunch on Sunday isn’t that fun. I like my fried eggs the best, so I don’t like ordering them at a restaurant. And I can’t eat their ham or bacon because I don’t know what’s in it. Breakfast really is my favorite meal so I’d rather just make it at home.

For Father’s Day, it was hard to come up with a place that would be worth it to go eat out. But then we though of a Brazilian steakhouse. More steak? Yes, please.



  • 2 Egg Muffins – I feel like I made my feelings about these muffins pretty clear yesterday.
  • Cherries
  • Spinach and Kale Mix
  • 1/2 an Avocado
  • Handful of Pecans

Lunch: [not pictured]



  • Thai Coconut Curry Meatballs – This was not the fastest thing in the world to make but it was worth it. These were delicious. Really delicious. Only if you like that coconut curry taste, though, because it is pretty strong. There is only about one serving leftover. I think Kraft and I might have to rock, paper, scissor it to see who’s going to get to eat it for lunch.
  • Zoodles

How We Felt:

I know I’ve already mentioned this before, but it is really becoming a thing. I am sweating so much! During workouts. I start sweating earlier in the workout and I sweat so much more. Like I’m dripping on the floor and have to occasionally get a paper towel to wipe it up. I know that at the beginning of the Whole30 you’re body is detoxing so it’s normal to sweat but we’re on Day 27. And it seems the longer we do this, the more I sweat. I don’t sweat excessively unless I’m working out but I’ve noticed that I do sweat more than I remember if I’m doing a lot of physical chores around the house or if we’re outside in the heat. It’s so weird. Is it because I’m more hydrated? Is my body working better? Am I doing something wrong? Do tell.

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