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When I taught last year there was one student who I will forever remember because of a statement he made.  I believe he said it during a discussion about the election between McCain and Obama.  He stood up and proclaimed the following to the class (dead serious):

“Fox News is a beacon of light.”

It took a lot not to die laughing in front of the class.  I think of this all the time.

In NYC when the Squeaker and I were on our own wandering around Union Square in the rain by ourselves, I remembered this quote.  Squeaksy had been asleep for a while and I knew she was going to wake up soon and be starving.  In Austin I’m always able to go out to the car if she needs to be fed and we’re out of the house but here, what was I going to do?  No car.  Not anywhere near home.  Ok, I saw a Starbucks.  I guess I’ll go in there, order a chai tea and park myself in a corner with a blanket and feed her.  Awkward but whatever.  Then as I am walking toward Starbucks, I see it.  My beacon of light.  Babies ‘R Us.  Hallelujah.  They have what’s called “A Mothers Room” that has changing tables, comfy couches to use while nursing, and very serene hues of blue and green on the wall.  I’ve never been more relieved.

Babies ‘R Us – huge national chain but whatever, they know their **it.

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