So many things to be thankful for

Sometimes I’m really dumb and complain about things mostly because I forget that I need to keep things in perspective.  These are just a couple of the things that have struck me recently that I need to keep in perspective…

I am thankful for Olivia having poop blow outs all the time and farting in public loudly enough to make people shift awkwardly around me because they think it was me.  Some babies have a lot of serious digestive problems.

I am thankful that Olivia wakes up every couple hours at night.  I was getting my hair cut last weekend and another lady was telling her hair stylist about someone she knew that had their baby’s funeral that morning because the baby went to sleep and didn’t wake up.  SIDS.

I am thankful that my husband has been getting home at 9pm or 10pm most nights after working a full day and having to go train for his new job.  Some of my closest friends had to grow up with their fathers always traveling for work and only getting to see them every other weekend.  Not to mention all the military families that don’t see fathers (or mothers) for months or years at a time.

I am thankful that sometimes I get a little bored and lonely at home.  A lot of mothers are not able to stay home with their children because they need to work to make end’s meet for the family.

I am thankful.

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