Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

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The Squeaker received her very first ashes today.  She was so happy afterward smiling at everyone and laughing.  It was strange that I felt more emotion upon seeing her today than I did at her baptism.  I think it’s because there were so many logistics to worry about with the baptism and being the center of attention is always difficult. 

But today was different.  No one was watching us.  We weren’t up in front of everybody.  We were able to just be a family in the sea of sinners.  It was great.  I was so proud of O getting ashes.  I’m not sure why I felt such joy and pride when I saw her with a smudge on her forehead.  It’s just so beautiful that she is part of the Mystical Body of Christ.  Because she is a sinner she can also be redeemed.  Oh, our little sinner. 

While I was not as present to the Sacrament of her Baptism as I should have been, what I always love about baptisms and what always makes me cry whenever I attend them is the potential that the person carries for being marked by Christ.  That baptized person could do so much to build the Kingdom.  They could be the next Pope, Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day.  They could be a saint.  Maybe that’s what struck me about O tonight.  She is among us sinners now but she has such potential in her lifetime to recognize this sinfulness and do all she can for the glory of God.  She can work to beat hell just like the rest of us. 

May she become great, but great is God’s eyes and not necessarily great in society’s eyes.

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