I had forgotten

Last Saturday during the homily Fr. Mike told us that St. Ignatius is getting serious about proactively encouraging vocations to the religious life.  Because of this, the vocations committee decided it would be a good idea to play the “Fishers of Men” video from the USCCB at Mass.

[Side Rant: Now I usually really hate it when priests do stuff like this during Mass.  Call me traditional but I just think a homily should be a priest talking to his congregation and helping illuminate the Word through his own words.  I’ve seen technology used in homilies before, like sound clips, videos, and powerpoints.  Most have been distracting and usually take a stretch to relate back to the readings.  I believe that there is definitely a need for creativity in homilies to reach all the people that go to church but creativity does not mean gimmicky which is what I think happens sometimes.]

All of this aside, this video is absolutely fantastic.  I showed it at the school retreats we had last year.  I think this is creatively reaching youth and showing them how amazing a call to the priesthood actually is.  So many people think that being a priest or brother or sister is a boring but this video really shows that it is anything but.

As I was sitting in this pew watching this, something that one of the priests said struck me.  “I get to live everyday in complete and total service to God.”  I remember I used to think this all the time when I worked at the Houston Catholic Worker house.  The work that is done there is just so obviously good and righteous and God’s work.  So I understand what this priest meantin the video.

What struck me though was that I had not told myself this in a long time.  It has been awhile since I have laid down to sleep at night and thought to myself that my day was in complete and total service to God.  I had forgotten that, no matter what I do in life, my work should be work for God.  This is what we are all called to regardless of our vocation.  My vocation is to be a mother and wife.  Although my days are now more “simple” when compared to my Catholic Worker days or my teaching days, my work should still be dedicated to working for God.  Or how Fr. Bill Wack likes to sign his emails: Working to beat hell.  Sure working in a clinic serving undocumented people is service to God but I need to see how playing airplane with the Squeaker as equally service to God.

So, as Lent is quickly sneaking up on us, one thing I am going to focus on is my vocation and how I can “beat hell” by loving my daughter and supporting my husband.

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