And while I’m at it…

Here are the top 10 reasons why I love Olivia (other than the fact that I gave birth to her)…

10) She was born already furrowing her brow like her mama.

9) She absolutely loves being held and would be content to be in my arms all day (a blessing and curse).

8) When she sleeps she crosses her legs at the ankles.  It just looks really cute.

7) Her cheeks are so big that she has jowls.

6) She has started doing this new thing while she is latched on and eating, if she hears any noise she yanks herself off and stares at whatever is making the noise until it stops.  That includes me talking while I’m feeding her.  She just looks so funny.

5) She loves to stand up and she flails her feet around and looks like she is dancing a jig.

4) She loves to watch football with her dad.  Seriously, she loves football.  When the commercials come on she couldn’t be more disinterested but the second the game is on she is glued to the TV.

3) She has the cutest pout-y face you’ve ever seen.  When that lower lip sticks out it melts your heart.

2) Her favorite time to talk is when I am trying to get her to sleep.  I’ll hold a pacifier in her mouth and she’ll be blabbing away.

1) I love spending time with her.  I love being at home with her.  Last week I helped out at a high school retreat for a few hours and, while that was fun and nice to see my old students, I really missed the little squeaker.

Thank God for Olivia.

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