Comedy of Errors

Today was just one of those ridiculous days where nothing comes out right.  We had a lot on our plate today: Mass, a baptism and reception to attend, and a Super Bowl party (Kraft’s account of party).  In order for all of this to go to plan, we had to go to the 9am Mass at St. John Neumann.  I set my alarm for 7am, it went off just fine and I woke Brandon up to take a shower and from here on out was Miscommunication Central.  Brandon says he tried to wake me up several times and that I even hit him and told him to leave me alone, but I don’t remember this (communication error #1).  All I know is I woke up at 8:15 freaking out because we needed to be out the door in 15 minutes.  I yell at Brandon for a second, throw O’s outfit for the day on the bed and race around getting ready.  

We are driving to St. John Neumann and we’re not sure where it is.  Brandon is trying to hurry since we are running late but as we approach where we think it is I tell Brandon to slow down but instead he floors it.  I yell and point to the entrance as I spot it and Brandon slams on the brakes and whips into the parking lot.  He heard me say speed up to make the light instead of slow down because it’s coming up (communication error #2).  
We finally make it to Mass and I’d have to say, I was surprised at how the church is very non-family friendly in architecture.  Mass was celebrated in the Family Center and there were a lot of kids at that Mass.  Aisles are very thin and the place was packed, no real place to go if a baby is crying except outside in the cold.  Bathroom does have a changing table but no seat to breastfeed.  I digress.  We make it through Mass without much fanfare and the baptism is right afterwards.  As the baptism starts Olivia melts down and is starving.  I wander around trying to figure out where to feed her since the car is a half-mile away.  The sacristy is open and I honestly consider it for a second and then think of the surprised face of anyone walking in there.  So I go to the bathroom and am able to figure out how to feed her in a bathroom stall standing up.  Seriously, I should get a medal for pulling this off.  
We get back to the main church and the baptism is over.  We missed it.  Bummer, OK, off to the reception.  Brandon has gotten directions, check.  Driving, following directions, get lost, can’t find it, drive around same block for 15 mins(miscommunication #3).  Finally find the place, get there, no more seats.  At this point we’re so tired, we don’t put up much of a fight but they do get some more seats and tables out to seat us and other guests.  We actually end up sitting with this really funny group of people that keep us laughing the whole time.  We really have a wonderful time.  The day started to turn around at this point.
It’s weird how days like this, rather than drive me crazy, make me love Kraft even more.  You can’t really do anything but laugh and make the best of it.  Thank God for days like this.


  1. Mama Cueva says

    I found you! Love it! I’ve done that…the nursing in a bathroom stall standing up – a couple of times. You’re right, it really should be an olympic sport. (Probably not to air on network cable though)

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