Day 16 {Whole30}

One completely unforeseen result of doing the Whole30 is how much us doing it encourages other people to think about it. Of course, not because of us, but more because you can only hear about something so many times before it seems like a good idea.

I, for example, heard about it a year ago when a mommy blogger I used to read did it. I thought it was crazy. So hard to do with kids. What was she thinking? As if she didn’t already have her hands full. Then I put it out of my mind. Then starting about a 2 months ago, all media shifted toward detox cleanses that are going to get you “summer bod ready”. I always laughed. There is no way that I could make it days and days of only drinking juice or smoothies or whatever. But I kept hearing about them. On TV, on blogs, on the radio. After hearing about all these juice only or smoothie only cleanses over and over, the Whole30 didn’t seem so crazy. Cut out a few things, eat more greens. And, let’s face it, we can still eat bacon. Any diet that allows you to still eat bacon has to have something going for it.

I don’t think we’re inspirational by any stretch of the imagination but I think if we can do it, that proves that really, really anyone can if they want. 🙂


  • Kerbey Lane Harvest Omelette – no cheese, added spinach
  • Home Fries – I forgot to bring my own ketchup. Boo me.
  • Fruit


  • Leftover Buffalo Chicken and Potato Casserole – This has lasted forever. We’ve eaten it at least 10 times this week and we still have about 2 servings left. But I’m still not sick of it. It’s a really solid dish.
  • Hard-boiled egg

Dinner: [Had dinners with friends]

  • Hamburger patty
  • Rainbow Slaw
  • Potato and Green Bean Salad
  • Watermelon – a lot of it
  • Banana Chia Pudding – This is not in the “spirit” of Whole30. All ingredients are technically compliant but they lump this in with paleo pancakes or whatever. In Whole30 lingo, it is SWYPO. I made it as dessert for our kiddos but they hated it so we weren’t going to waste it. They’re right, it wasn’t delicious, but it was fine.



  • I chopped about a million peppers. I didn’t get around to making those stuffed peppers and they were going bad so we have pounds of frozen chopped red bell pepper now.

How We Felt:

Part of the reason I decided to do Whole30 is that I feel really crummy at times. Like my joints can get really achy and I just feel really run down. I’m not going to lie, this hasn’t really gone away. I still feel like this and we’re halfway through the program. I’m not discourage, I just really wonder what the source is.

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