Day 4 {Whole30}

No, chitchat today. You need to go to Nom Nom Paleo and make her Asian Meatballs. By all means, stop reading now so you can go straight to the store and buy the ingredients. No judgment here. I did only find the Red Boat Fish Sauce (affiliate link) at Whole Foods and not at HEB. I see that you can order on Amazon but then you have to wait two whole days to make this. Seriously, they are the most delicious thing ever. This was the conversation at dinner tonight:

Our oldest kiddo: “Mom, I think these are so good that God would like them.”

Kraft: “Do you think God would say, ‘Oh my Me, those are good!'”

It was really nice to find such a good recipe. Not that the food we’ve been eating has been bad, it’s just nice to find a solid comfort food that is Whole30 compliant.

Breakfast: [no picture]

  • BLT Breakfast Salad which I decided I’m never going to make for breakfast again. It would make a better lunch. No one has time to chew that much and that long in the morning.


Ain’t nobody got time to take pictures of dinner when it’s so good. This is, however, a picture of the lunchbox container I’m sending with O tomorrow. She asked me to pack it for her.


How We Felt:

Kraft has been dragging. We’re not sure if it’s because of the “hangover” effect of the Whole30 or just the fact that we suck at going to sleep at a decent time. I’m feeling fine. This is the first day that I’m feeling hungry now right before bed but I’m just drinking a La Croix and hoping that satisfies me.

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