From My Point of Pew: 02.23.14

goodneighborReadings from the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 23, 2014.

I have been so absent from blogging. Our middle kiddo turned 3 at the beginning of the month and we still haven’t fully recovered. Mostly because I love parties and stop everything else in order to work on them. At the party I got several, “How you you find time for this?” I shrugged and said it’s my thing, I love doing it. But the truth is that I put off laundry and cleaning (except for the part people can see) and just about everything else to work on party decorations. I just really love doing it. But then we pay the price afterward. Long story short. We’re just about caught up but now a bunch of other projects we work on are starting to really pick up steam so blogging, while it is my escape and I love it, is the easiest to fall to the wayside. I’ll be back soon, I hope.

This Sunday, I honestly can’t remember a thing from the homily. I could blame it on the kiddos but they were uncharacteristically quiet and good. I could blame it on the priest but I know that…

“…in your wonderful, secret way, my God, you had already taught me that a statement is not necessarily true because it is wrapped in fine language or false because it is awkwardly expressed.” -Augustine

In reading back over the readings, whenever I hear “love your neighbor” I think of my good friend, L. She taught for many years and at the front of her classroom she had those words artfully cut out of construction paper that covered the length of the whole white board. I wish that could follow me around everywhere. It should be scrawled on walls and on chairs and tables. Especially where there are students. But also around our house. Maybe I’d remember to do it more often. I know the Gospel is deeper than that. I know the point is to love even our enemies. But sometimes it is more of a struggle for me to love those in my house then those out in the world.

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