Authentic Moment #4: A Husband’s Warmth

couplesnugglinginbedIf you’ve never read Simcha Fisher’s blog, I Have to Sit Down, you should start. She is opinionated and frank and so so wise. But mostly she paints a picture of a very faithful Catholic wife and mother that doesn’t make you think she is levitating and glowing as she washes the dishes. After having Olivia I scoured the blogosphere for other moms like me and it made me so depressed. They all sounded so perfect and put together. Which was great for them but I was drowning. Then I found Simcha and she made me feel better because what she says is so true. What most impresses me is that despite her signature snark, she is so charitable. She has such an understanding and compassionate heart.  She recently had a miscarriage and part of the post is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read about the love of a wife for her husband during pregnancy:

Last night, I was cold and couldn’t sleep, so I snuggled up against my husband, who is always warm. When I’m pregnant, I like to press my belly against him so that we can all be warm all together, me and him and the baby.  ”Here you go, little guy.  This is your daddy.  You will like him.”

What does “authentic moment” mean? Read here.

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