I Made Bread!

pure Whole Wheat Bread

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Some friends of ours have recently started baking bread and have been kind enough to give us their extra loaves when they got ’em.  This bread is absolutely deeeelicious and inspired me to want to make bread.  I think I would have stayed wanting to do this and not actually doing it if it weren’t for a wonderful couple that Kraft knows that has 5 kids.  One of the kids is having surgery this week (say a little prayer).  The mom told me that the hardest meal that they have to get together is breakfast.  So I am trying my hand at baking bread so maybe it will give them a hand come breakfast time.

This morning I started by making scones since they are pretty easy and require no yeast.  They turned out good.  This upped my confidence for actual yeast bread.  Just 5 minutes ago I pulled my first batch of bread out of the oven.  Two huge and weirdly shaped but pretty nonetheless honey wheat loaves.  It is amazing to see dough rise. 

I’m just really excited.  We just tasted it and it wasn’t knock your socks off bread but it wasn’t bad like I was expecting it to be.  Baking bread is kinda like making tamales, it’s pretty time intensive because of all the steps but it’s not hard and is pretty fun.  I can’t wait to make a couple other kinds of bread tomorrow.

Makes you not ever want grocery store bread again.

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