Tired and Happy

Man, I am pooped.  It has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks. With house hunting and Easter and my college friends coming into town this past weekend, I am really tired.  But really happy.  (Well, the house hunting doesn’t make me happy.  It makes me really anxious and I feel like if I am not constantly checking the MLS then the perfect house is slipping through our fingers.)
Easter was great but that’s another post.

On Wednesday, 3 of my best friends from college came to Austin to finally meet the Squeaker.  I love those girls.  We has so much fun in school.  And I had forgotten how different all of us are from each other.  We have the business oriented, tough as nails one; the quirky, always up for an adventure musician; the hippy, gluten/dairy free screenwriter; and me, the mom.  I miss them so much.  I love hanging out with them.  We didn’t get to do tons while they were here because we had to work around O’s nap/sleeping schedule but we managed to get some good stuff in.

$1 margaritas at El Arroyo on Thursday were amazing.  It was the first margarita I have had since last Dec 2008.  It was cold and salty and heavenly.  I only had one and it was about 5oz but it was awesome.

Then on Friday night Kraft was on O duty and me and the girls went dancing at the Broken Spoke.  We had so much fun.  I loooove dancing but get super nervous because I am not good at it.  So I spend most of the night nervous that someone is going to ask me to dance but secretly hoping they will because I love it.  This place was great because it was just a bunch of old guys that take you for a spin around the dance floor then walk you back to your seat.  Such gentlemen.  No sleazy guys trying to hit on you.  It was fun.  I definitely want to go again.

O loved them.  She did not sleep very well because she loved hanging out with them.  I tried to put her to sleep at her regular time but she did not want to sleep.  She wanted to be with everyone else.  It’s funny how metiche (busybody) she is.  Tonight was the first night since Wednesday that she has fallen asleep before 11pm.

So this is why I haven’t blogged in a while.  Sorry if this one is kind of rambly.  I’m tired and not witty at the moment.  I got some good topics in my head though that I want to get out.  Hopefully those will come in the next couple days.

For now, I’m just really thankful for my community of friends.

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