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It’s been a while since I’ve spotlighted a weird veggie.  We
got one in our CSA box last week and finally cooked it up yesterday. 
It was tasty but I’m still not sure what kohlrabi tastes like since the
flavor got buried in egg and onion and ham (Kohlrabi Ham Bake). 

One thing’s for sure, the recipe said to peel it before dicing
and cooking.  I usually don’t peel my veggies and have found that it
works pretty well for me.  Potatoes have much more nutrient value if
you eat the skins, if beets are small enough they are tender even with
the skins on, I just scrub carrots really well.  It’s easier to wash
them well than to peel a bunch of them. 

That being said, kohlrabi does
not fall into this category.  I half-heartedly peeled it before cutting
it up and throwing it in the saute pan.  Yuck.  There were more than a
few bites that I got peel and it was fibrous and tough.  Kinda like
chewing on burlap.  Kraft said he didn’t get any of that but I suspect
he just didn’t know that it wasn’t supposed to be like that.

Interesting vegetable, though, be sure to peel it.

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