Gift Ideas: Intro + Clever Kids’ Books

If you read the About Me page, you’ll know that I am a chronic advice giver. Any lessons I’ve learned in motherhood have been hard won so I like to tell people what I’ve learned. Especially when it comes to gift-giving. Gift-giving has a special place in my heart. I love giving gifts and really good gifts. But I really have issues with bad gifts.

So to help you avoid the dreaded Bath and Bodyworks lotion or scented candle, I am going to give lots of gift suggestions you can give the people you love or that you can just get for yourself.

Today we will start with clever kids’ books that are more for the parents than their kids:

As parents, you quickly develop a real thick skin against bad children’s books. They are just everywhere. There is no escaping them. And inevitably your kid will want that horrible book read to her 34 times a day. You get used to it but once in a while, just once, you want a book that you like, that is witty and funny. Well, here are some good ones you can buy your friend to help stem her urge to burn books in her family’s living room:

E-mergency: We just checked this odadreadingoutsideut from the library last week. It is so clever. When the girls were at school and the baby was napping, I actually went and found the book to look at it more closely without little hands turning the pages too quickly.

AlphaOops: Not as witty as E-mergency but still makes you think a little harder than Fancy Nancy.

Go the F*** to Sleep: Brandon found this book and loved it so much he pre-ordered it before it even came out. It is so true to life.

Goodnight iPad: Another book that Brandon bought. If you’re a fan of Goodnight Moon, this one is just so darn cute. I am card carrying member of the Wannabe Amish Club, I have to love any book that promotes throwing gadgets out the window.